THE CALENDAR AND CHECKLIST provides an overview of your coming event. Prioritized checklists allow efficient delegation for preparation and execution of all steps, including post-event analysis.
Many new clients report the value of this booklet has gone far beyond added volume and profits of Cosec events, as they apply its tips, tales, and observations to all future marketing efforts.
With proven themes, phrases, and concepts, each campaign's ads are upbeat, designed to present an urgent but not "distressed" reason to buy during your sale, instead of waiting to purchase what is needed later or shopping elsewhere.

The unique power of these ads stems from their contrast to your regular advertising. Years of accumulating compelling words and phrases from consumer research, plus attention to every variable of ad style and copy that no other company can match, makes each Cosec newspaper or digital ad one of the most effective choices currently on the market.
THE FIRST KEY TO EFFECTIVE RADIO advertising is to stop the listener, and Cosec’s specifically chosen voice talent plus expert copy does just that every time your spots air. The second key to effective radio stems from copy that provides a genuine reason to buy during your event. The third key to effective radio is Cosec's "special sauce": a schedule and formula that makes the magic happen in your area.

Cosec provides you copies of radio spots to play during sales meetings prior to your special event, ensuring that every salesperson understands the theme and concept of your event and can convey the same kind of enthusiasm these ads will generate at the point of sale.
Clients who elect to run a private sale the night before their major event will find a terrific "camera ready" private sale letter customized to their store included in their package. Just ask for its inclusion for no extra fee.
Although television advertising is often a superfluous ad expense for high-impact, time-limited events because your radio and print systems will effectively capture your market's buyers, for clients who desire them, customized TV audio tracks with easy to apply video storyboard instructions are readily available.
You'll also receive custom price tag art (large and small) for quick and easy use, as well as art to print name tags for all staff, and a signing guide for signs for additional signage around your store and in windows. Tying in the theme of your event in every part your store is important for Cosec's blitz-style approach.

An easily implemented sales training program is available for your part-time salespeople, based on Cosec's founder’s years of experience as an on-site promoter. His income depended on fast, effective acquisition and training of inexperienced people to handle the crowds he generated. That program is included in every Cosec  advertising package. Many clients report that after taking part in the short, simple pre-sale training, some part-timers turn out to be their biggest producers of the event! Some go on to become full-time staff!

Once you've booked just one Cosec special event, in addition to sensational volume and profits, you'll gain
exclusive access to a team of expert consultants who've served the most successful retailers in the industry...
even when you're not running a sale, at no additional cost! 

CALL TODAY at 1-800-227-6152
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Additional sales training may be purchased with your AdPac. Also, "Every Door Direct Mail" pieces can garner additional sales, combined with Radio and/or print ads for even more profit during each sale. (EDDM events can also be run as stand alone sales. Please click the EDDM tab above to learn more.)
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What exactly is The "AdPac!"?

An AdPac! is  turnkey, first-of-its kind, complete and total high-impact single sale advertising package for retail furniture stores.

Cosec's AdPacs are available in a huge variety of sale themes and can be planned to run on just about any days and dates you desire, depending on seasonal themes and each sale's historically successful time frames.

Here's exactly what's included in every Cosec AdPac!: