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What exactly IS Cosec's new "Every Door Direct Mail"?​

 It's a better way to reach more customers, more often...FOR LESS!

Your Every Door Direct Mail package from Cosec comes in a selection of 20+ sale themes that have set records for furniture retailers across the globe since 1979. After you decide on your mailer's theme, it will be customized, printed, and shipped (this typically takes about one week). Your completed EDDM will be delivered to your customers just one business day after it's dropped off at your local post office. USPS guarantees delivery within 36 hours, which is EVEN BETTER than FIRST CLASS mail.

In contrast to direct mail products offered by buying groups and manufacturers, a Cosec EDDM allows you to promote EVERY ITEM IN YOUR STORE, not just select brands or categories. 8.5" x 11", unfolded, and envelope-free, your EDDM will land in every shopper's mailbox larger and more unique than other piece they receive. That's just part of the magic of your Cosec EDDM, and with ad cost as low as 4% to sales (other special event budgets generally run near 7% to sales)...there's just no reason to wait!

There are THREE TIERS of Every Door Direct Mail service to choose from, depending on how much or how little you'd like to "do it yourself". The "Per Piece Total" for each tier includes Cosec's rate plus USPS postage:


Every Door Direct Mail Tier 1: 
  • Cosec consults with you on sale theme/mailer details and prepares your custom EDDM art and copy for approval.
  • Cosec prints, boxes, and ships your EDDM TO YOU via UPS.
  • Once received, you'll prepare it to be mailed. This includes counting, sorting, labeling, and completion of USPS EDDM paperwork. (It sounds like a lot, but this step is truly simple. Cosec has perfected and streamlined the process and will guide you through it all.)
  • Once prepared, you'll take your mail-ready EDDM's (in the boxes you received them in from Cosec) to your local Post Office. They'll deliver them for 0.198 cents postage per piece.
  • Cosec's rate for Tier 1 service is 0.18 cents per mailer piece.

Your EDDM Tier 1 Total = $0.378 Per Piece

Every Door Direct Mail Tier 2: 
  • Cosec consults with you on sale theme/mailer details and prepares your custom EDDM art and copy for approval.
  • Cosec prints your mailer and completes all required counting, labeling, sorting, USPS paperwork, then boxes ships your mail-ready EDDM campaign to YOUR LOCATION via UPS.
  • Once received, you'll simply drop the boxes off at your local Post Office for delivery at 0.198 cents per mail piece.
  • Cosec's rate for Level 2 service is 0.20 cents per piece if your store is less than 1000 miles from Cosec's offices in Tulsa, OK. If your store is 1000 miles or more from Cosec in Tulsa, it's 0.21 cents per mailer piece.

Your EDDM Tier 2 Total = $0.398 - $0.408 Per Piece


Every Door Direct Mail Tier 3: 
Cosec DOES IT ALL, including delivery to your local Post Office(s). Your total price includes all of the services mentioned above plus all postage and fees. It's a completely turnkey service level that some clients prefer, as it gives them more time to get the stock, store, and staff ready for a truly sensational sale! 

Your EDDM Tier 3 Total = $0.409 - $0.419 Per Piece


At this time, the USPS postage rate per piece is $0.198 per piece.
Although post office price changes are quickly updated here, please contact Cosec for exact and current postage rates.
Cosec's production and printing price is based on a minimum 10,000 piece mailer, the least most folks send.
 Please add $0.03 per piece for shorter runs (9,999 or less).
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