“ Every Door Direct Mail – Retail ” 
 A better, more economical way to contact new customers!

Here's a quick roundup of all you need to know
about Cosec's Every Door Direct Mail Program (EDDM):

1) Cosec currently has 20+ proven, tested advertising themes. The EDDM layouts were created with the same themes/concepts that have been breaking records for stores since 1979. 

2) It typically takes only ten working days for an order to be prepared, printed, and shipped.

3) Your mailing piece is fully customized by Cosec. Differing from EDDM's now being produced by some manufacturers, Cosec's programs focus on the big picture, allowing clients to promote and sell EVERYTHING in their stores, not just selected brands and categories.

4) Results! Ad cost averages while using Cosec to produce EDDM for clients have been reported as low as 4% to sales with the normal ad costs coming in near 7% to sales.

Cosec offers you three tiers of Every Door Direct Mail service.
Tier 1: Cosec prepares layout artwork for your approval. Cosec prints, boxes, and ships your mailers via UPS to your door, with a divider inserted every 100 sheets to make your preparation for delivery to your local post office easier. (Final USPS counting and labeling completed by your staff.) Cosec's fee for Tier 1 services is 10.8 cents per piece. You then pay 17.7 cents per piece postage at the local post office(s).

Tier 2: Cosec prepares artwork for your approval. Cosec prints your mailer. Cosec completes all required counting, labeling, sorting and USPS paperwork for easy delivery to your local post office(s) after your front door delivery from Cosec via UPS.
Cosec's fee for Tier 2 services is 12.8 cents per piece. You then pay 17.7 cents per piece postage at your local post office(s).

Tier 3: All the same as above only, here, Cosec handles it all including delivery to your local post office(s). It's a complete, "turnkey" service that some clients prefer. You simply pay Cosec, in advance, for your mailer's postage, and Cosec includes payment with the shipment to your selected area post office(s). Cosec's fee for Tier 3 services varies from 14.8 cents to 16.8 cents per piece depending on your Priority Mail mailing distance from Tulsa, OK. Cosec's total Tier 3 fee is determined in advance.

(At this time, US postage for all EDDM's, regardless of service tier is $0.177 per piece. Tier 1 and 2 postage is paid by you at your post office(s). Cosec's production and printing price is based on a minimum 10,000 piece mailing. Please add $.02 per piece for shorter runs of 9,900 or less.)

Final Choices
Cosec has a wide range of themes from which you can choose. They are of course, happy to prepare any custom theme at the same rates shown above. Please allow a few extra days for design and layout preparations. (Copyright for requested custom mailing piece built in their art department will belong to Cosec after production.)

Your mailer prints on both sides, on an array of USPS approved color paper stocks and sizes. (The 8.5 x 11 size has historically broken records for Cosec clients and seems to work as well, if not better than any larger pieces that could be mailed. Larger, full color pieces simply cost more but have not produced additional sales volumes.)

The 8.5 x 11 pieces are not in an envelope are NOT folded and land in mailboxes larger and stand taller than any other piece in the mailbox. The USPS guarantees delivery within a 36-hour time frame. At this time, Cosec finds mailers most typically delivered on the next business day after mailing pieces are received and postage is paid at your local post office. That's BETTER than FIRST CLASS mail!


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