"Initially, I was reluctant to pay someone else to do what I thought I could do on my own,but two heads proved to be better than one, especially when one is as professional and thorough as Cosec."
"The biggest problem we had was being able to take the money fast enough."
"After our 12-Hour Sale, I have just two words for you: HOME RUN!"
"It created such traffic congestion that TV news crews came out to shoot video for the nightly news."
"The largest sale in the history of our company. We did $400,000 in  five days!"
"It was, by far, the best sale in our 43-year history."
"When we opened, it was like a stampede. The best day we've ever had!"
"In 36 years, I have never seen so much impact and excitement."
"I can't explain why it worked the way it did. All I know is that it worked, and we will be doing it again. We closed the store at 2 P.M., and the last customer didn't leave until 8 P.M.!"
"Our sales are up, our profits are up, and I look forward to our next Cosec event!"
"I can't say enough about your promotions. They are fun and profitable and that is what counts. Without Cosec, I seriously doubt that we would have survived."
"The sale went great. We had 150 waiting at the front door when we opened at noon. I could have used another 25 salespeople to maximize the opportunity. And now after running the same sale again after only 4 weeks, we did 20% more business the second time."
"We had 200 people waiting to get in. We did $63,000 in the first two hours and another $25,000 in the next two hours before it ended. Amazing!"

Cosec sales can only be run in exclusive market areas to ensure every event is unique to that area.

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