If you're here, you're probably wondering...
"Can Cosec add profit to my current ad plan?"

Quite simply, the answer is yes.

If that's all you need to know, click the "Free Proposal" link in the Main Menu above and you can get started, free of charge or obligation, right now.

If you'd like a little history, keep reading. An advertising "genie in a bottle" for retailers of every size and description since the early 1980's, Cosec International, Inc. was founded on the premise that an annual plan for high-impact promotions, implemented with Cosec's specific and unique formula, is the answer to the challenging, all-encompassing question:

                                    "How do we sell more furniture, to more customers, more often?"

Cosec's goal and sole mission remains to include and honor each client as if they were a part of the family. The services you'll receive from Cosec were the first of their kind, remain the best, and come with a personal attention and commitment to relationship that makes their clients far more important than just a file full of "closed deals". 

The folks at Cosec have celebrated with store owners and management during good times and worked tirelessly to keep profits up during bad times. From hurricanes and tornadoes to floods and fires in your area, the first they thinks when they hear potentially devastating news is, "Who do we have there?" Then comes the call to see if they can be of assistance. Warehouse moves, new store openings, remodels, reorganizations, even the occasional G.O.B., the roller coaster ride of the furniture business contains twists and turns, highs and lows, and the occasional stop for repairs that only "furniture people" truly understand, and "Cosecs" loves to do just that. 

They also have deep respect for all it takes to make a furniture store your life's work.

When you join the legacy of Cosec retailers, you join a tradition of hard-working people who simply want to sell more, to more folks, more often, but with integrity. Most everyone who runs an event, from a simple 6-Hour Sale to a longer Wall To Wall Clearance, will tell you it's more profitable, easier, and a heck of a lot more fun with Cosec.

One free call and you'll join others making a multi-million dollar difference in terms of profits. Call today at 1-800-227-6152 or send the form below. If your market area is currently available, an annual plan can be in your mailbox tomorrow! Your first sale can run as soon as in 10 DAYS! 

Your success IS Cosec's businesses! Why wait? Fill out the form below or click any tab in the Main Menu to learn more!
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