Why do you want "Cosecs" on your floor? Because Cosecs sell more!
It's just that simple!
Hit play to listen to the first DMM sales meeting ever recorded by Bob Keiningham!

The Daily Miracle meetings don't just change salespeople's minds. They change their lives! Feedback after the first "Cosec" training was monumental, even MIRACULOUS, as person after person after person wrote letters and made heartfelt exclamations telling how the DMM's had dramatically improved their sales numbers. And it's still happening today! Like the classics Think and Grow Rich and How To Win Friends and Influence People, the Daily Miracle Meetings offer timeless, unparalleled training that lasts a lifetime.

Some of the meetings Bob recorded (based on news of the day) no longer apply to modern listeners. The program now consists of 289 very relevant meetings. The DMMs still offer miraculous results for all who choose to take the journey. It’s 289 meetings for $795. Less than $2.80 per day for nearly a year's worth of motivation and training in the art of selling furniture for more fun and profit! Here's a peek at the themes for the first few meetings: “Positive Mental Conditioning,” “How to Eliminate Stumbling Blocks,” “Contacting and Better Customer Control,” “Transition Techniques,” “How to Close,” “Product Knowledge,” “Motivation Of The Customer,” “Recognizing Customer Types”. 

From the start, million-dollar-a-year sales producers (almost unheard of in stores of their size and traffic levels at that time) emerged from COSEC's DMM PROGRAM! As a Cosec, you and your staff will learn how to sell much more, faster, while having more fun doing it by becoming experts at :

Do you know your store’s average close ratio? If it’s the best we’ve ever heard of, maybe 35%, that means 65% of shoppers who come into your store (probably a result of your precious ad dollars) leave without finding what they were "just looking” for. So, what if just one week of DAILY MIRACLE MEETINGS moves that needle up to 38%? 3% more sales closed per week due to new motivation, better mental conditioning, effective delivery of knowledge, the ability to recognize specific customer types early on in each contact phase, etc.​ What would this mean? 

Let's put a pencil to it, for a small store that has 50 customers in a weekend: Just two extra sales made - at an average ticket of $800 each – would mean an extra $1600 over the course of a year – that's $83,200 a year in EXTRA business! Just take a minute to ask yourself, “Is the possibility of over $83K in extra profit, maybe even more if we really get cooking with this, worth $795 to me?” For a big store, with 150 shoppers per weekend, it's $249,600 in extra business, about $99,800 in added PROFIT!

What if the needle goes up 10%? I mean I want you to really think about this: If you have five salespeople, over the course of the coming twelve months get better at Contacting, Selling, and Closing to the extent that they each close just one EXTRA sale a week...that's 5 x 52, which gives you a total of 260 extra sales due to the DMM program! At $800 per extra sale, you just made an extra $208,000 - all from your $795 investment in the Daily Miracle Meetings!
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Why wait? Buy now to take advantage of this stripped down, discount version of the program. No frills. No fancy art department labeling. No expensive packaging. You get the entire program at the LOWEST PRICE EVER: $795 ! ​CALL 1-800-227-6152 M-F, 8-5 CST, SOMEONE WILL TAKE YOUR ORDER AND BILL YOU FOR PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD, CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.  THANK YOU.

Here's the rest of the story...
Salespeople in the Daily Miracle Meeting program
were referred to as "Cosecs."

Dennis Connelly, VP of Business Development for the Dale Carnegie organization recently said this about sales training:

        "We discovered that 6% of salespeople are elites who are great at selling.
        Another 20% are doing well but could do better. 74% are simply failing.
        Most people in that 74% bracket can improve, if they get training."

It's a fact, then, that nearly 75% of your sales staff would benefit from the DAILY MIRACLE MEETINGS. Even your best salespeople would surely agree that they could to better, if they had some help.

Planned, practiced, and perfected initial COntact that creates control and builds confidence with the customer.

Dramatic, knowledgable, and fun SElling that excites shoppers with product features, benefits, and conviction.

The timely, leading, and direct Close that asks, "Have I done enough?" It's a comma not a period.

By adding this less than 10-minute program to your current sales meetings, you can multiply big money to your bottom line. Even if you decide to simply place the CD's in a corner with a boombox, some headphones, and a sign up sheet to confirm that each salesperson listens before they step foot on the floor of your store each day, the results can be record setting! Now, this may get a little complicated, but I guarantee it'll be worth your time, if you just stick with it. Grab something to check the unbelievable numbers you're about to read. Here we go...
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